Welcome to Zenbooker's API. You can use this API to interact with and retrieve data from your business's Zenbooker account. This reference is your source for documentation about all available endpoints and API details.


The Zenbooker API is in beta

This means endpoints and methods are still being tweaked and added, and the API may change.

Basic concepts

The Zenbooker API is organized around the core resources and workflows of home service businesses, like retrieving invoices and customers, assigning jobs to service providers, and so on.

The Zenbooker API tries to be as RESTful as possible, and returns all data in JSON format. Additionally any data sent to the API in the body of a request must be JSON encoded.

Data format

  • All datetime fields used in the API are encoded as ISO 8601 strings (e.g. 2020-09-22T13:00:00.000Z), which means they will be in UTC timezone. Jobs and recurring bookings will include a timezone field, which can be used for parsing things like the start and end times of jobs into their respective local timezone.
  • Many top-level resources returned in the API will include an id field which can be used to retrieve the full object or query other endpoints for related resources linked to that object. For example, use the customer.id field on a job to lookup that customer using /customers/:id endpoint.