Use webhooks to keep track of events that happen inside of your Zenbooker account


Wait, what's a webhook?

Webhooks are an advanced feature that are used for connecting multiple apps together. Webhooks are primarily used by developers. If you're unfamiliar with webhooks and would like to know more about them, consider checking out this article

Zenbooker Webhooks Overview

Webhooks are notifications that can be sent by Zenbooker to an external web service or app whenever certain events happen inside of your Zenbooker account.

To create a webhook, you define a URL and the type of event that Zenbooker should send notifications for. For example, whenever

  • a new job is created
  • a job is canceled
  • a customer rates their service

Then, whenever an event that you've created a webhook for happens, Zenbooker will make a POST request with relevant data attached in a JSON payload.