All endpoints that return a list of results use pagination.

Request parameters

Endpoints returning lists of results support the following query string parameters for pagination.

cursornumberIndicates where in the list to return results from. Defaults to 0.
If there are more results available, the response will include a next_cursor which you can use as the cursor for the next request.
limitnumberSets the maximum number of potential results to return. Defaults to 20. Max is 100.



Responses from endpoints that return lists will include the following values which can be used for paginating subsequent requests.

cursornumberThe cursor number used for this request.
resultsarrayThe results of the request. Can be an empty array if no results are found.
countnumberThe number of items returned in the results field.
has_morebooleanIf there are more results available from the end of list, the value will be true.

If there are no more results available, it will be false.
next_cursornumberIf there are more results in the list, this is the next cursor value to use to retrieve them.

If the this is end of the list, the value will be null.